Grief Counselling

Graham Family’s commitment to your family does not end on the day of the funeral. Our funeral directors contact each family shortly after the service to offer any ongoing assistance and support during this difficult time.

We have a dedicated aftercare consultant who can assist you with all aspects of helping your family in the early days following the loss of a loved one. This is all part of the service we can offer you in the recovery process.

In-house Library

Graham Family also has an extensive library of books and CDs to assist with understanding and working through the grieving process that can be either loaned or purchased. We are able to recommend the most appropriate selection. This includes books specifically for explaining death to children of different age groups, books on grief in suicide, the loss of a partner, grief for men and more.

Services we provide

  • 24-hour service every day of the year
  • Transfer of the deceased to our premises or mortuary
  • Preparation of the deceased
  • A private and confidential discussion of funeral arrangements with the family
  • Arrangements with clergy, cemetery and crematorium regarding time, place and type of service in either of our funeral chapels, church or other venue
  • Arrangements in compliance with every religious denomination or arrangements for a civil funeral service
  • Preparation of text and insertion of press notices in local, city, country, or interstate publications
  • Collating of medical certificates for handing over to relevant authorities
  • Procuring of necessary medical certificates for cremation, and payment of prescribed fees on your behalf
  • Complete set of forms required for the registration of death, ensuring certified copies are available on request
  • Ordering of floral tributes, their display at the church and/or funeral chapel, collection and return of all cards to the family
  • Preparation of a memorial book
  • Transport of the deceased and family to funeral services
  • Suitable motor vehicles
  • Courteous, experienced and efficient staff
  • Advice on a range of memorials available after cremation and burial
  • Follow up bereavement support and referral to counselling if requested

The funeral is arranged in full cooperation with you, in accordance with your budget and requirements. We do not force charges that are unnecessary or unwanted.