Graham Family Funerals

Grief counselling

Grief is the natural process that one goes through after suffering the loss of a loved one. At Graham Family Funerals we realise that mourning a loved one is a painful and personal experience that extends well beyond the funeral.

When a loss occurs within a family, it marks the beginning of a transitional period. Grief is a universal experience. Shock, disbelief, guilt and depression are all common symptoms for surviving family members. How each person responds to loss depends on their personality, circumstances, past experiences and to some extent how others around a person acknowledge the grief process.

Graham Family’s commitment to your family does not end on the day of the funeral. Our funeral directors contact each family shortly after the service to offer any ongoing assistance and support during this difficult time.

We have a dedicated aftercare consultant who can assist you with all aspects of helping your family in the early days following the loss of a loved one. This is all part of the service we can offer you through the grieving process.

Graham Family also has an extensive library of books and CDs to assist with understanding and working through the grieving process that can be either loaned or purchased. We are able to recommend the most appropriate selection. This includes books specifically for explaining death to children of different age groups, books on grief in suicide, the loss of a partner, grief for men and more.

Follow up bereavement care

Helen Watling joined Graham Family Funerals in 2009 to address the need for bereavement services that help individual family members struggling to come to terms with life after the loss of their loved one.

Helen provides a unique service and brings years of experience as a Centrelink, Department of Veteran Affairs and Legacy worker. She also holds the position of Justice of the Peace – a role that allows her to assist families to lodge documents that government departments and financial institutions can require after the loss of a loved one.

As a part of Helen’s position she will provide a sympathetic ear in the months following the passing of a loved one. If further assistance is required Helen can assist by giving details of elected and qualified counsellors of bereavement care.