What information needs to be made available to funeral directors?

State Law requires all deaths to be registered. The funeral director will take care of this for you. The following information should be provided to the funeral director:

  • Deceased’s full name and address
  • Occupation (former occupation, if retired)
  • Sex and age
  • Date and place of death
  • Date and place of birth
  • Period of residence in Australia, if not born in Australia
  • Name of father (in full) and occupation
  • Name of mother (in full) with maiden surname and occupation
  • Deceased’s marital status at time of death
  • Where married
  • To whom
  • Age at marriage
  • When the deceased has been married more than once, the particulars of each marriage are required
  • Names and dates of birth of children, living and deceased

When one of our caring funeral directors meet with you, you should try to have as much of this information with you as you can.