Understanding Funerals

Understanding Funerals

A funeral is a time for family and friends to reflect on their memories of a loved one, and a time to celebrate their life. But most importantly, a funeral is a time to say goodbye for those people who have been touched by the deceased person’s life. A funeral provides the chance for family and friends to come together to laugh, cry and support to each other in their grief.

When Someone Dies

Death at home

When a death occurs at home you should phone the doctor. A death certificate will be issued if the doctor has treated the deceased during the past three months, and is satisfied as to the cause of death. Graham Family Funerals can then be contacted at any hour of the day or night and we will arrange the transfer of your loved one to our funeral home. The funeral arrangements can then be made following this, at a time convenient to the family.

Sudden or accidental death

The State Coroner’s Office will be notified by the doctor or police in this instance. When such a death is reported, the coroner will undertake an enquiry as to the exact cause of death. This does not mean you cannot contact Graham Family Funerals and talk about funeral service arrangements; we will liaise with the coroner and take care of any funeral plan formalities on your behalf concluding their investigations.

Interstate or overseas

Graham Family Funerals has connections with interstate and international funeral directors through our membership with the Australian Funeral Directors Association. We will liaise with the relevant consulate or local funeral directors in the area to assist with the repatriation of a loved one from any international or national locality, to assist with arranging and co-ordinating their repatriation back to the state of Tasmania.

Alternatively Graham Family Funerals can attend to the arrangements should you want to send your loved one back to his or her homeland either interstate or overseas, according to their funeral wishes.