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Funeral Options

There are many different types of funerals. Some of the most popular types include:

  • a ‘direct committal’ cremation – a cremation only, no service, direct delivery to a crematorium (no mourners present)
  • a funeral service held at our chapel followed by a burial service at a cemetery
  • a funeral service held at  our chapel followed by a private cremation
  • a funeral service at a church followed by a burial or a cremation
  • a funeral service held entirely at a graveside
  • a funeral service at another venue, such as the local hall, bowling club, a special garden or at the beach
  • a private cremation or burial attended by the family and invited guests  followed by a public memorial service with the coffin not present

However, you may have other suggestions on the funeral service and funeral plan required – please feel free to discuss them with us.



In Hobart, there are a number of cemeteries to choose from including Kingston Lawn Cemetery, Pontville Catholic Cemetery, Pontville Glebe Lawn Cemetery and Cornelian Bay. In Southern Tasmania a burial can take place in any registered cemetery or any church graveyard that is still open. In some instances – with permission and compliance with council and health regulations – an internment can be on private land.


Graham Family Funerals operates its own crematorium. This means your family can have a funeral service entirely within our chapel and there is no need to travel to another point for the committal.

Graham Family Funerals provides its own in-house memorialisation representative who will assist you with an appropriate option for plaques, placements of ashes following cremation and also graves and headstones to memorialise a loved one.

There are many memorial options available for cremated remains. Most cemeteries have niche wall and rose garden options in which ashes may be placed or alternatively they can be interred at a chosen family gravesite. We stock a variety of cremation urns and specially designed boxes in which ashes can be placed. It is important to note that 7 out of 10 families we assist choose to scatter their ashes following a cremation service. Graham family offer complimentary scattering urns to allow family to scatter relatives ashes at a special place to them.

Plan for the future

By pre-planning or pre-paying for your funeral, you will be easing both the financial and emotional burden on those you leave behind by simplifying the arrangements needed when you pass away.

Contact Our Team

For more information about our funeral arrangement or pre-planning services, please phone us, visit one of our 4 locations or fill in the online contact form below.