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Environmentally Friendly Green Funerals

An Eco Memorial is a unique and earth-conscious way to say goodbye.

With this package we provide you with all that is required to lead a perfect eco memorial after cremation. This allows you the time to arrange a private farewell in a forest, mountain or waterway whenever it suits you and your loved ones.

You have the option to choose between an Enviro Coffin or a Wicker Coffin.

Sustainable Coffin Options

The Enviro coffins are manufactured in Australia. The use of plantation grown radiata pine in the making of the coffins is what makes them environmentally friendly products.

Free from lacquer, paint and stain, the Enviro range is left raw. It uses EO water-based adhesive in its manufacturing and is lined with unbleached calico. To prevent the use of plastic or metal thumbscrews, the lid uses four simple wooden dowels and the metal and plastic handles are replaced with six sisal rope handles.

The wicker coffins are hand woven willow coffins which are a beautiful and environmentally friendly product. Sustainably raised from a renewable resource and then hand woven without glues or metals.

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Environmentally Friendly Cremation

After the cremation all memorial items are ready for collection. This will include your loved one’s ashes in an Urn or of your choice, a Condolence Register, and any optional extras you may choose.

Our Eco Memorial Options can be combined with a Service or Direct Committal and you have the option to customise this package to suit your needs.

Please note: We do not apply for scattering permits on your behalf, so please check if permits are required from your local council.

How Does it Work?

We handle everything for the cremation and preparation of your memorial, including:

  • Preparation of all cremation paperwork
  • Preparation of all graphic design work
  • Direct cremation in a private crematorium
  • Death Registration online with BDMs
  • All memorial items are ready for collection after cremation.
  • This will include your loved one’s ashes in an Urn of your choice, a Condolence Register, and any optional extras you may choose.

Ashes will arrive with a travel certificate if requested, which will allow you to travel overseas or interstate with the ashes to scatter or hold your memorial.

You will then select a day to conduct your memorial at your chosen location and make your final arrangements.

Bushland Burial – Kingston Cemetery

Whilst you may like to scatter the ashes in a private location, there is always the option of a Bushland Burial at the Kingston Cemetery. A bushland burial is an informal, natural and non-traditional form of burial or placement of cremated remains.

The landscape remains basically undisturbed as burials are integrated into native bushland, allowing the natural landscape to play a part in the grieving process. Currently our bushland burial options are only available at our Kingston Cemetery, offering a natural and environmentally sustainable option.

A plaque is placed on the commemorative wall, located at the bushland burial site entrance. The grave is marked with a bush stone/rock with the name inscribed onto it. A tree/shrub can also be planted at the head of the burial site.

Urn or Coffin Upgrade

You can also choose your urn or coffin from our range of Eco options.

All coffins and caskets provide quality design and craftsmanship, with the Enviro Coffin or Wicker Coffin providing more eco-friendly options.

Please contact our friendly team to discuss other Urn and Coffins options.

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By pre-planning or pre-paying for your funeral, you will be easing both the financial and emotional burden on those you leave behind by simplifying the arrangements needed when you pass away.

Catering & Flowers

Flowers and food make for beautifully comforting celebrations of life, so we ensure to work with a trusted florist and offer flexible catering options.

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